“Advent Family Memories” Once Upon A Smile by Peggy Galllivan-Ballotta In my semi-retirement years, I find myself enjoying the luxury of quiet moments when my mind revisits those wild and wonderful events that caused such great hilarity at the time. The memories are as much fun now as the events were then and always bring [Read More…]

Pastor’s Desk

By heeding the prophet, we discover how repentance brings us closer to Jesus Christ. When barriers between God and his people are removed, justice and peace blossom on earth. John the Baptist’s call to prepare for the coming of the Lord is most appropriate. Before Christmas we can be so busy that we do not [Read More…]

F3 – Youth Group

Calling all youth of grade 7-12!  Gatherings in the Parish Hall from 7:00 – 9:00 pm All events take place at St. Monica Church For more info: [email protected] Next Event:  Fri. Dec. 13 – Christmas Party Potluck and Gift Exchange Things to bring: 1) Gift under $10 2) Potluck dish 3) a friend RSVP ASAP [Read More…]