Worship of God …Fellowship with each other … Service to all

We the people of St. Monica parish are a Catholic community, faithful to our doctrine and united in our commitment to the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are blessed with the wisdom and leadership of our elders, encouraged by the enthusiasm of our youth and strengthened by the unity of our families in carrying out our mission of worship, fellowship and service.

We are unique in our worship therefore it is our mission to;

  • Encourage, nourish and challenge spiritual growth for all through the celebration of the sacraments and effective parish ministry.
  • Accept and welcome people of all faiths and assist in their spiritual growth and relationship with God.
  • Enhance the celebration of our faith in the Lord through diverse music and the use of modern technology to effectively communicate the message of God.

We connect in fellowship therefore it is our mission to;

  • Know, support, educate and assist each other as individuals and families in the understanding that church is a people joined through faith and hope.
  • Actively reach out to embrace new parishioners or those existing parishioners that are not connected.
  • Regularly conduct special events that are dedicated to bringing people together in the spirit of community and fellowship.

We serve our parish community and beyond therefore it is our mission to;

  • Ensure the opportunity for each person to share their valued time, talent and treasure to enrich our parish.
  • Be a protective and compassionate voice for the outcast, the unborn, the sick, the elderly and all those suffering or in need within our parish.
  • Reach out by sharing the Gospel through word and action within our parish, our community and the world in which we live.