Infant Baptism

As a Roman Catholic parent, you have the right to present your children for Baptism in your own parish, which is either the one in which you are a registered, active member, or the one in which you live geographically. In Ottawa, you would belong to either the  French or the English parish in your area.

If you wish to have your children baptized at your parents’ (or other relatives) parish, they can make the request once you have from your own parish a letter stating that you a) have the permission of your pastor and b) have completed your own parish’s ‘Baptismal Preparation‘ program.

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Baptism At St. Monica Parish

School Age Baptisms (4 years old and older): October registration for Baptism after Easter. Contact the office for school age baptism.
Teen / Adult Baptisms: please contact the office to enquire about the RCIA program (weekly meetings for at least six months).

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** Please ask the celebrating priest directly after any Mass for a Baptismal  package. Once completed submit it to the parish office.

Infant Baptisms generally are held in the afternoon on one designated Sunday a month (except during Lent & Advent). If you are a parishioner or resident of the parish, please contact the parish office to set up an interview.

Please note:

A date for Baptism will be set following the interview ONLY after we have received the following:

– completed registration forms

– a photocopy of the Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate of at least one of the parents

– a photocopy of the Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate of the sponsor(s) /godparent(s)


If needed, in the case of mixed marriage:

a photocopy of the Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate of the sponsor (godparent).

a photocopy of the Baptismal Certificate of the non-Catholic witness  (godparent).

[You do not need two godparents, but you may have no more than two. If there are two, one must be male and the other female. They do not need to be married or related to each other. They do not need to be related to you. The parents of the child may not be the godparents.]

The date for the baptism of your child is conditional – before the child may be Baptized, you must attend one parent information meeting. The godparent(s) are welcome to attend the meeting.


If you wish to have the Baptism take place at another parish, the letter of permission will be issued after you attended the parent information meeting.

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