The Lord Jesus calls us to journey with him in faith, our lives reflecting his love and peace.

Putting Jesus First
Jesus Christ is central to everything. Because of him, salvation is possible. Through him, we come to the Father. By allowing his life to flow in us, we bear fruit that will last. By making his love our own, we become true children of God. All this means that the central question is about discipleship.

The Question
Are we truly followers of Christ? To be a follower, an imitator, of Christ in every part of our life, we have to pay attention. Attention to what we do and say, asking ourselves what it has to do with living in Christ’s love. To be this kind of follower, we have to believe: first, in the Resurrection, that Christ is Lord of all. But even more, we have to believe in his love, and that this love is meant for us. It is offered as a real and practical experience in our lives and gives us the power to be disciples, to be able to love one another.

To Encourage One Another
We all need a great deal of encouragement. Some comes directly from the Lord. Most often, it comes to us through his favourite instruments: people. Family, friends, parish community and co-workers ¬can give us a sense of being ‘built up’ and being given life when we are with them. While some cannot give this support, those who can are precious to us. We are particularly fortunate whenever we are in situations where we are surrounded by like-minded people who are natural instruments of God’s encouragement. This is not only a blessing; it is an important form of a disciple’s stewardship of the gifts the Lord has given us.

A Question
When was the last time you deliberately ‘encouraged’ someone who is outside your normal ‘zone’ of inter-action? Even if it was a simple action or word? Perhaps someone difficult, or a stranger or a store clerk?

We ask the Lord to continue to bless this good work.