To keep our faith, our prayer must be constant. Though the wait may be long, we are to persevere in faithfulness and trust, confident that the Lord will answer with justice.

The widow persisted in her demands because she had the right to justice. She had to persevere, because she was a marginal, powerless member of her society, one of God’s ‘little ones’. Only determined effort would overcome these handicaps. Only confidence in her claim would give her the strength to continue.

The Prayer Itself Strengthens Us

We have the right to call upon the Lord to bring about the things promised by the Gospel – peace, justice, liberty, healing, food, love, the needs of our life. Knowing we have this right, we may be confident about petitioning God over and over again. And if we should suffer persecution or distress, or wait a very long time for an answer, we are to imitate the widow’s determination. We are to be constant in our prayer, for this exercising of our faithfulness and trust will deepen and strengthen our faith. We will grow in the love of God. And the Lord will answer our prayer.

World Mission Sunday

Today we recall the fundamental mission of all Christians: to proclaim Christ to all the world. Few of us have the opportunity or ability to do this directly, but our support is as important as the work of the missionaries themselves. Money is a very practical and real form of assistance, but alone it is not enough. We are to add the power of our prayer to their efforts and live in such a way that we may be a source of inspiration and holiness to others. With this kind of help, missionaries really are able to bring Good News to those they serve.

Today’s Gospel calls all of us –  not just the apostles – to go and make disciples. If we cannot actually go to the missions, we can answer Jesus’ call by giving generously of our prayers and financial resources to support those who can and do.

Growing in Love and Understanding

We all seek to keep our hearts open to Christ and grow in our awareness of his love for us. We also need to keep our minds open, that is, to continue to learn about our faith so that our understanding grows with our maturity.

May Christ lead us to pray always.