As this bulletin must serve for three weeks, I have prepared brief ‘Scripture Notes’.

May we seek always to notice and to share God’s blessings with one another and the world.


Aug. 7                                                                                                                              19th Sunday

   We are to live by faith, trusting in God about things we cannot see, situations we cannot control and circumstances we do not understand. It means focussing on the things of God, remembering who we are and the purpose of our lives. This allows his ways to become ours, and we use our natural and spiritual talents for the building of the Kingdom, the betterment of our world and the service of our neighbour. Quite naturally, even the simplest, most common events of our lives become organized to be part of our witness.

Aug. 14                                                                                                                       20th Sunday – C

   Christ did not come among us to bring some false peace or superficial justice; following him demands much more than being nice.

Truth and mercy

   True peace and justice require change; following Christ means making choices that can provoke opposition. We are to live in the Light and the Truth, speaking the language of God to the concerns and situations of the world. This, however, does not give us permission to use the truth as a club. As witnesses to the saving power of Christ, we are to strive to speak the truth with mercy and compassion, so others may be able to receive it and make it their own.

Aug. 21                                                                                                                       21st Sunday – C

   The Kingdom of God belongs to those who make their life journey with and through the Lord Jesus Christ. Our connection with him is not a matter of race or culture or even family tradition; it is by faith that we are brothers and sisters of the Lord.

Who Shall Be Saved?

How many shall be saved? This is a reasonable question for people who are used to scarcity and limits, but there is no end to God’s abundance. His banquet hall has room for all; Israel is to be a light for all nations, and its Messiah, Jesus Christ, offers salvation to the world. This is the amazing thing: there is no limit to God’s offer.

May Christ bless all of us with his peace and mercy.