Our faith in Christ, our acceptance of him as the ruler of our lives, is the key to life. It is the reality by which we judge all things.

We celebrate today what has not yet happened – the coming of Christ in Glory at the end of time. While his authority over all things is real and absolute, it is not always obvious – now. We therefore have to pay attention if we are to avoid being distracted from the call to place our trust in the Lord; the call to follow him to glory.

The Only Reliable Leader

Christ as our King – as the leader in whom we can confidently place our trust – is a much more reliable ruler than any politician or ideology. He does not seek applause, but our good; he is not interested in short-term bandage solutions, but in permanent healing and eternal life.

The Foundation of Our Life

Our religion is not some hobby or club that is only one part among many in our lives. It is not sentiment or culture but the truth from which a culture and sentiment have developed. With Christ as our centre, we need not fear being lost in the dark. We can be confident that he will lead us into the light, and that our lives will be fruitful, full of meaning and love.

A Question

What is the single most important thing you would like to do before you run out of time? What steps, small or large, can you take toward this goal in the next month? Why not?

Even though we are in a time of crisis, with the normal things of life needing extra effort since it has become exhausting to deal with everyday realities, we are fundamentally confident and hopeful because Christ is indeed our King, our solid foundation.

Today we celebrate the sure triumph of God’s love and goodness over evil and death. We are meant to be part of that triumph. We are called to live this reality, bringing Christ’s hope to the world, ready to stand before him in joy.