Christ, risen from the dead, is central to everything. Because of him, salvation is possible. By making his love our own, we become his disciples, true children of God.

Believing in his love

To follow Christ in every part of our life, we pay attention to what we are doing and saying. We ask ourselves what it has to do with living in his love. As followers, we are believers. We believe in the Resurrection, that Christ is Lord of all. But even more, we believe in his love, and that this love is meant for us. It is offered as a real and practical experience in our lives. It gives us the power to be disciples, able to carry out our commission. It strengthens us in the face of difficulties.


In daily life, we all need encouragement. Some comes directly from the Lord. Most often, however, it comes to us through his favourite instruments – people. Family, friends, parish community, co-workers – these are all people we tend to look to for direction and support as we attempt to grow in life and love. While some cannot help, those who can are precious to us. We have a sense of being ‘built up’ and being given life when we are with them. We are particularly fortunate when we are surrounded by people who are natural instru­ments of God’s encouragement.

A Question

Which of your gifts – skills and talents, time and resources – best demonstrate your love for God’s people?


Today we make time to honour our mothers for the life they have given us, the love they have shown us and the important truths they have taught us. As they have given witness to his love, may Christ pour out his blessings upon our mothers and all the mothers of our parish, blessings of strength, peace and joy.

We are meant to be agents of God, bringing his Word to others, living in Christ, living his love and bearing fruit that will last.