Becoming a follower of Christ is an awakening at the core of our being. In Christ, we discover who we really are, and move from darkness to light as we focus on him.

“Jesus opened to them [the Scriptures]”

(Luke 24:27) In fact, Pope Francis uses this Sunday to remind us that the relationship between the Risen Lord, a community of believers, and sacred Scripture is essential to who we are as Christians.

Called to be Saints

What does it mean to be sanctified by Christ and called to be saints? What is all this ‘power’ that is ours as the Church? What does all this mean for us? There is only one way to find out. We are to pay attention, so we may be able to see Jesus in our midst, to discover what he is doing in our lives and come to understand in our hearts how his teaching is the way to life.

The Apostles were called by Jesus in the midst of the busyness of their daily lives to follow him. While his call does not always mean dropping everything, it is a call to grow beyond ourselves, to step into the light, to connect with and be part of the larger reality of God’s love. What things or attitudes have you been called away from in order to know and follow Christ? How have you grown?

The Law of God – The Law of Love

God favours the powerless and calls us to protect them as brothers and sisters. In his name, we are to cry out on their behalf and give them refuge and hope. We do this for the sick, the homeless, the unemployed, the refugees and the starving in the Third World. We are to do the same for children in the womb, the aged and the handicapped. It may not be fashionable or even convenient. But it will imitate God.

May the Lord Jesus remove everything that prevents us from following him alone.