God’s wisdom not only leads us to life, it is life. In contrast, human wisdom often limits itself to struggling with reality, more interested in how to be in control than how to be alive.

God’s Wisdom

Not being in control can be frightening, but in accepting the challenge of God’s wisdom we allow Christ to be in charge. Then we are led by the Spirit through the paradox of his love to the fulness of his life.  We could never plan or accomplish this by our own power. Accepting the Lord`s way in faith, trust and humility, the divine wisdom and the divine life become our own.

Prayers for the Sick

Each Sunday we pray for the sick, especially for those whose names are listed in the bulletin. Many of us also take time to pray for them during the week. This is an important and effective work. Often those who have asked for prayers tell me how significant and comforting it is for them to know that so many people are praying for their sick. They would like you to know they are grateful.

If you wish to have a name added to the list, please call the office or send us a note. Just remember to call  again when you wish the name removed or would like to give a progress report. Medicine is a powerful tool, but never so much as when it is allied to the power of God in prayer. Let us always pray for one another.


Lent is near; a time to consider the ancient practice of prayer, almsgiving and fasting as ways of turning our hearts to God.  To help mark the contrast between Lent and our normal routines, join us on Shrove Tues. Feb. 25, for our annual Pancake Supper.

The Ash Wednesday Masses  at 9:00am and 7:00pm will include the  imposition of ashes as a sign of our desire for conversion.

Al Khalil Family

Join us in the hall after the 9:00am and 11:00am Masses next weekend to meet Bassam, Sandra and their son George. We are happy to welcome this Syrian Christian refugee family that we have helped to re-unite with other family members already in Ottawa.  

May the Lord Jesus fill us with his wisdom and lead us to the fulness of his life and love.