Rejoice! for the Lord is near. Be glad, for it is very Good News that he is coming among us. 

Rejoice in God’s Love For You

It is good news because he loves us enormously.  This love brings freedom, peace and joy to those who welcome it. We do not need to offer victories, riches or intelligence to deserve his love. Weak or strong, all we need to offer are open hearts and the Lord Jesus Christ will enter our lives. He will bring us out of darkness into a life of liberty, justice and integrity that we are meant to enjoy.

A Question

What is the most meaningful thing you do – or could  do – to strengthen your inclination to open your heart to God’s love and his invitation to the fullness of life?   Or, what is the most effective thing you can do to bring hope to others?


Please note that the last opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be before the evening Mass on Sun. Dec. 23.

May the Lord Jesus be with you in all your preparations for Christmas and may the love you show others increase God’s love in you.

Fr. Frank