To inherit the Kingdom of God we must imitate him in this life, using our gifts to show his love to our world.

Noticing and Acting

To imitate God, we notice and respond not only to our friends and family, but particularly to the broken and needy who cannot repay us.

Was Lazarus a virtuous man? We don’t know. Was he starving? Could he have benefited from kindness? Yes. The problems of poverty are enormous and complex.   ‘band-aid’ solutions do not solve the underlying issues, but are needed. Often the plight of the poor needs attention NOW. Whether the problem is temporary or chronic, they cannot wait until experts come up with a ‘perfect plan’ to eliminate poverty. Their children need clothes and food TODAY.

The Canadian Church

Today’s special collection for the Canadian Church  allows the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to do research to help bishops give leadership and make proper judgements on a wide variety of topics affecting our society. Please support this work by using the special envelope in your set or mark ‘Canadian Church’on your donation.

Life Chain

There will be an hour of silent prayer and witness for the respect for life next Sunday (Oct. 6) from 2:00-3:00pm at the corner of Merivale Road and Meadowlands Drive. The St. Maurice Church parking lot is nearby. Please join in this  hour of silent prayer and witness for the respect for life in our society.

May Christ open our eyes and hearts in faith.