In emptying himself and becoming one like us for our salvation, Christ demonstrated the kind of obedience to the will of God that brings the fullness of life.

It is easy to be full of enthusiasm or to mimic the outward signs of agreement when we are first asked to participate in a project. Time quickly reveals the truth, however, as it tests the depth of our commitment. Conforming our lives to the will of God means giving our hearts entirely to the task. If we seek to avoid doing anything except the absolute minimum to ‘keep out of trouble’, we are not loving. We are trying to be as distant as possible from God. This is the attitude of the second son.

Thank You

My thanks to all who have been able to continue supporting the parish over the last six months either by direct deposit, credit card, ‘Canada Helps’ or by mailing cheques. As part of our planning our way forward, Fr. Charles and I will be phoning a few people each week to get a sense of how they are doing.


There will be an hour of prayer for the respect for life next Sunday from 2:00-3:00pm,standing along the sidewalk at Merivale Rd. and Meadowlands Dr. hour of silent prayer and witness.

St. Jerome

Wednesday is the Feast of St. Jerome, who  translated the Bible from the original Hebrew and Greek into the common, or vulgar,  language (ie, Latin) of everyday people. His Vulgata, or Vulgate Bible, was the one copied by monks for hundreds of years.

Scripture is a living Word of salvation, the heart of our tradition; when we reflect upon it prayerfully we come to know the mind of Christ and the power of his love. We grow in our understanding of how to imitate him and his obedience to the Father.

God’s Word is consolation and hope for all who have ears to hear.