The Lord calls us to place him above all else in our lives so that everything will be governed by his love.

Drawing Closer to the Lord

Scripture is the heart of our tradition; when we reflect upon it prayerfully we come to know the mind of Christ and the power of his love. We grow in our understanding of his mercy and the way he supports us in our daily life. His Word is consolation and hope for all who have ears to hear.

October and the Rosary

Attitudes of praise and thanksgiving help us grow in faith. These are developed through prayer and service. One of the simplest, but most complete, Bible-based prayers is the Rosary. It is a form of Scriptural reflection on the Life of Christ, with the one hundred fifty Psalms of the monastic Liturgy of the Hours replaced by the fifteen (now twenty) decades.

With the reform of the Church calendar, May is usually part of Easter, and is not the ‘month of Mary’. October as the month of the Rosary is therefore a good time to reflect on Mary as the model of discipleship, indeed as the ‘model of the Church’, as she was called by the Second Vatican Council. The Rosary highlights basic Christian attitudes that are associated with Mary as a woman of faith. The ideas of praise, confidence, trust in God and accepting his love are recalled again and again throughout this meditative ‘prayer of the people’. I encourage you to make use of this prayer during October.

World Day of Migrants and Refugees

We pray for migrants and refugees today; see

Truth and Reconciliation Day

There are some references to Sept.30 as a ‘holiday’, which I find curious as reconciliation with Indigenous peoples is a serious and unfinished task. Although our Diocese was never involved with the Residential Schools project, Archbishop Gervais personally supported the work of reconciliation. Archbishop Prendergast, whose Jesuit Order pulled out of the schools when the government made it clear that the purpose of the schools was to erase Indigenous identity, was actively involved in this task. He told us that it would still take many years to heal this wound. Archbishop Damphousse has shown that it is important to him. The Thursday Mass will be for the progress of ‘truth and reconciliation’.

May the Lord Jesus fill us with a hunger to change our hearts so that we truly belong to his Kingdom and bear fruit in all that we do.