Being followers of Christ leads us to a new way of life on a road of salvation that has many practical consequences for ourselves and for the world.

We are so used to our Christian attitudes, convictions and basic approach to life that we sometimes forget that they are distinct from the logic of the world. Yet they are. Those who live in the light of Christ are different than those who do not.

Salt and Light

If we are a people of faith, living by a secure hope and attempting to reflect God’s life-giving love in all that we do, we stand in contrast to many of the ‘values’ and fears present in our world. This difference that we live is often a reproach to selfish, short-sighted ways of existing. The world is not always comfortable with the idea of holiness. Yet followers of Christ give much more to the world than criticism. All humanity benefits from acts of true love and finds inspiring strength from the signs and echoes of a life-time attitude of confident hope. Like the little bit of salt that flavours the whole dish, or the single light that illumines the entire room, the witness of Christian life brings God’s transforming power to everything it touches.

A struggling Christian might or might not be a ‘better person’ than his or her unbelieving neighbour. But the neighbour benefits from our attempts to allow the Light to shine through us, banishing fear and restoring hope.

A Question

Who is or was the best example to you of a person whose ‘light’ as a follower of Christ made a real difference for others?

We live in God’s love, which conquers all things, even the greatest problems of our age. This is our hope and our strength, which we lend to the world.

May we live in and reflect the light of Christ.