Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, is central to everything. Because of him, salvation is possible for the whole world.

Living In Christ

The Father and the Son are one, and this same Son, Jesus Christ, lives in us, calling us to the fullness of life in him. This whole arrangement is because of God’s immense love and is designed to allow us to be part of it. Living God’s life of love, we become transformed and grow closer to what we are meant to be – free, alive and in tune with his perfect love. As we attempt this, there are times when we must be alone with the Lord, giving him our full attention. We do this in imitation of Jesus, who often went apart from all others to pray.

The silent, private encounter with Christ leads us back to practice love and hope in our faith community. The New Testament constantly reminds us that life in Christ – being a Christian – comes from being part of a believing community. The private dimension of our relationship with Christ is not real if it is not expressed in daily life. It does not grow if it is not connected to real people, the Body of Christ, the Baptized, the Church, as much in the everyday as in the Sunday Eucharist. We have all received gifts from Christ’s Spirit – the Holy Spirit. We are to use them for the building up of one another in Christ and for the Kingdom of God.

PeaceA Question

The twentieth-century Christian writer C.S. Lewis observed: “Life with God is not immunity from difficulties, but peace in difficulties”. This abiding peace of Christ literally ‘lifts us up’ and is a result of being connected to him. What kind of prayer best helps you ‘connect’ with God? What people or experiences help support you in your journey?

My thanks to all who attended our Annual Meeting and to those who arranged the refreshments for the reception.

May the Lord bless us and lead us to use our gifts in ways that reflect and proclaim his love.