People wondered who Jesus was, and his power over nature only increased the speculation and drew their attention to his words about the Kingdom of God.

Was the Kingdom of God about to arrive? What would it be like to live under so powerful a king? But if Jesus was so powerful, if he was introducing the Kingdom, where were the armies, the generals? Why did he not speak of the force of arms, of driving the enemy into the sea? Who was he, and what was his purpose?

A Kingdom of Love 

The Kingdom of God is not like others, being founded on love instead of force or necessity. So Jesus does not act as people would expect a king to act. He speaks to our hearts of healing and freedom and love and obedience to the Father. His actions are powerful, for they are the actions of God, but they are also gentle towards people, never forcing anyone to enter his Kingdom.

A Question

Did you ever feel that the Lord was ‘asleep’ as you experienced a difficult or even terrifying ‘storm’ in your life and then later realized that he had been with you all that time? What allowed you to understand that he had been present? What effect did all this have on you?

Imitating Christ

The ways of God, so different from the ways of this world, are meant to be our ways. It is not by money, or intelligence or work that we enter the Kingdom of God. It is by faith, a faith that leads us to take on the attitudes of the Kingdom, attitudes that reflect the love of God and bring us into harmony with the Lord.

Thank You

My thanks to all who participated in our virtual Parish Annual Meeting and to Michael McCallen, chair of our Finance Council, for his excellent report.

Fathers’ Day

Parents are the most powerful witnesses to their children of God’s constant love. They have a great responsibility and face many challenges. On this Fathers’ Day, I pray that Christ will guide and  strengthen all fathers so that they may be able show their children the kind of love our Heavenly Father has for all of us.

May our own lives reflect the growth and life we see around us this summer, growing in love and in imitation of Christ.