Jesus is among us is to bring life; not the easy life or even the ‘good life’, but abundant life. Living in awareness of God and filled with his presence now, we will be raised up to share in the fullness of God’s eternal love and glory.

In countless ways our society attempts to deny the existence of death. Many people believe in some vague, easy immortality without necessarily believing in God or any connection between the deeds of this life and the quality of the next. Such fuzzy thinking is of little use when confronted with death, however, and gives neither hope nor understanding.

The Power of the Resurrection

For the believer, death is a hard thing, and often terrifying, but it is not absolute. The Resurrection means we can work confidently and live vitally in the shadow of death. Our hopes and dreams do not stop short at the grave. The “resurrection of the body” means that there is no part of existence that cannot be redeemed by God.  If we allow him, God will not waste anything. All can be transformed and made new; God is capable of bringing good out of evil, even the evil of death.

Remembrance Day

It is a long way from 1945 and even longer since 1918, yet we still need to remember these and more recent dates. Considering the number of countries and peoples who experience war and the fear of war every day, it is proper for us to observe the memory of those who bought our peaceful existence with their blood.

We need to renew our commitment to be peacemakers, however foolish we may seem to others; to work for true justice and integrity in society and the world. Otherwise, we make a mockery of those who died so that we might have the freedom to live in peace.

In the Resurrection we will be part of a fundamentally different reality, one lived completely in harmony with God. We shall experience his love directly and totally. And this will be our glory.