As of Mon. Mar. 21:

–  wearing a mask in the church will be optional

– the parking lot double doors will no longer be ‘exit only’

– we will move from the vestibule into the church proper via the centre doors

– the need for sanitizing continues

– after-Mass conversations should be held outdoors

– the office will be open more often, but not completely; staff may ask you to wear a mask

– Confessions will continue to be immediately after some weekday Masses

– Holy Hours continue, but without Confessions

– all are welcome to attend the Lenten Stations of the Cross; ‘livestream’ of these will continue

As of Sat. April 9:

The dispensation from the need to be physically present at Sunday Mass will end, except for those who are ill (ie Covid and Covid-like symptoms) or have underlying health issues. The Archbishop asks such people to stay home even after April 9.

As of Mon. April 11:

– Confessions will return to the regular times and format

– we will return to regular office hours

– Baptisms on designated Sunday afternoons will resume

As of April 27:

– there will be a greater return to regular meetings and appointments

– we expect to end sanitizing

(These are the main points; a longer list will be posted soon)