Jesus gave everything of himself for us sinners. His life was victorious, for he did all in and with the Father.

There is a great power in dedicating oneself completely to a cause or person. This is not easy, for the cost can be very great and the giving quite painful. It can be tragic as well if the cause is hollow, the person flawed or the reason for the dedication unbalanced. What shall we do?

In, With and For Christ

Jesus is the one to follow. No human cause is good enough, no ordinary person really deserves our total dedica­tion. But if our giving to others is done in and for Jesus Christ, then we will be giving ourselves to him. Our imitation of his love will prevent us from seeing any cause as an end itself. We will not put on the other person the burden of having to respond perfectly to our love. We will allow Christ to bring us to the fullness of life.

A Question

Do you know someone whose great dedication to a cause made ‘impossible’ things happen? What public figure do you most admire for the accomplishments of their dedication? In what ways is Jesus inviting you to dedicate yourself to him? What service is the Lord asking of you?

Development and Peace

Today we have the annual Share Lent collection for Development and Peace. Third World poverty is a serious problem, on a scale and of a level of desperation that we can hardly imagine. The money we raise does not evaporate into the local bureau­cracy or go to foolish prestige items. It is spent in small amounts on modest, local projects with local people. These projects help them improve their ability to care for themselves and their families and move from poverty to self-reliance.

May Christ fill us with his love as we seek to know and follow him.

Fr. Frank