Listening to Jesus with faith, we too, belong to God, and our actions  in all things reflect the fact that God alone has supreme authority.

Noticing the Obvious

The coin offered to Jesus was commonplace. It was so familiar a sight that people no longer ‘saw’ it, so his enemies were caught off guard when Jesus pointed out the obvious. The obvious can escape us unless we take time to notice. The Word of God is familiar to us. We know it is important. But what do we hear? Often Scripture needs pondering, digesting, before we can begin to understand it. True, it is the task of the preacher to ‘make sense’ of the Scripture, to connect it with our lives and concerns, but there is a little more to it.

Proclaiming Christ

When the Scripture, the Word of God, is read aloud to the assembly gathered for prayer, it is no longer ink on paper. This proclamation is an act of prayer and faith. When proclaimed, it is Christ, the Word of God, present among us. For those who have ears to hear, the saving power of God is at work. This is Christ, speaking to us for our salvation. To show our reverence and appreciation for this gift, readers read as best they can. Hearers follow attentively. Latecomers do not look for a seat, but wait. The pause following the reading is a moment to reflect.

World Mission Sunday

With the theme “Rediscovering Mission at the Heart of Christian Faith, we recall today the fundamental mission of all Christians: to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Few of us have the opportunity or ability to do this directly, but our support is as important as the work of the missionaries themselves. Money is a very practical and real form of assistance, but alone it is not enough. We are to add the power of our prayer to their efforts and live in such a way that we may be a source of inspiration to others. With this kind of help, missionaries really are able to bring Good News to those they serve. You may use the special envelope in your set, or mark ‘Mission Sunday’ on any other and put it in with the regular collection.

May Christ lead us to know and share his love more and more powerfully each day.

Fr. Frank