Pentecost marks the birth of the Church, the moment the power of the Risen and Glorified Christ in his Holy Spirit was poured out upon the Apostles and their companions.

The followers of Jesus of Nazareth became the Church, the Body of Christ, called to act and live in the name and with the power of Christ. The Spirit gave them power and courage to carry out the Lord’s mission of peace and reconciliation.

The greatest gift

We are directed and helped by the same Holy Spirit to continue this task. The gifts of the Spirit may not seem as spectacular in our day, but the power of the Spirit is no less than it was before. As our technical abilities become more amazing in medicine, science and c­ommunication, it is increasingly obvious that our world has an even greater need of the greatest of the gifts of the Spirit, which is love.

The challenge

It is our challenge to demonstrate to the world how all talents and opportunities can be directed by love. We need to be able to show that what people do loses its integrity and bears no fruit if genuine love is not the true motive. With love come other attitudes of the Spirit that are seriously lacking in our world, attitudes of hope, mutual respect, true wisdom, commitment and integrity.

Cynicism and despair are common because of the failure of man-made ‘isms’ to change the world with their great and complex plans. We are witnesses to the truth that hope is reasonable and peace is possible when our plans and actions are directed by hearts that are guided by the Holy Spirit to imitate the peace of Jesus Christ.

Thank You

There are many in our parish who have been ‘quiet builders’ and ‘encouragers’ over the years. They have given dedicated service without seeking any kind of recognition. There are t­imes, however, when it is important for us to say, ‘Thank you’. At our Annual Meeting on Thursday, we recognized Karen Bader,  Doreen Cripps, Gianna Crupi and Joan Tan for their dedicated service.

May the Holy Spirit fill us with peace and joy.

Fr. Frank