Rejoice, for the Lord is near! Glad tidings for all, especially the lowly and afflicted. God’s people live in joyful hope, for his presence among us brings his healing and saving power.

Advent and Christmas remind us that Christ is very near indeed, beside us and with us, waiting for all to welcome him. We should imitate John the Baptist and proclaim to all that the Saviour is among us, revealing himself to those whose hearts are open to God. He is waiting to show himself to those who hunger for the truth. Our lives and concerns should reveal our belief in this loving and merciful Saviour; this means imitating him.

The Presence of the Lord

It is good news because he loves us enormously and his love brings freedom, peace and joy to those who welcome it. We do not need to offer victories, riches or intelligence to deserve his love. Weak or strong, all we need to offer are open hearts and the Lord Jesus Christ will enter our lives. He will bring us out of darkness into a life of liberty, justice and integrity that we are meant to enjoy.

A Question

The people in today’s readings seemed to understand clearly and rejoice in what God was calling them to be and to do. Do I? What must I do so that I can?

Thank you

Thank you for your contributions to assist the poor in this season.  They also will allow us to help those in our community who find winter a particu­larly difficult time.

Let us reflect, repent and love that the gifts of Christmas may be part of our daily lives.

Fr. Frank